So, you're looking for Bespoke
Logo Design?

Well sit back and relax – the search is over. From our design studio in Mawdesley, Lancashire, we can create your bespoke logo design.  We have experience across many industry sectors including Fitness, Financial, Engineering & Health Care.

What is a logo for?

The main purpose of a logo is to identify. That’s it. Basically, to identify a person, product, business or service.

Do I need a bespoke logo design

In short, yes! First impressions count, and often your logo is the first thing a potential customer will see. Weather you drive past them in a van or hand over your business card in person. Having a bespoke logo design that looks professional builds trust, and If someone trusts you, they are more likely to work with you or buy from you. 

What should a logo include?

Here at iSight, we us the KISS system – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Think of a logo that we all know…APPLE, NIKE, AMAZON, EBAY, GOOGLE …what do they all have in common? Simple, clean, fuss-free design. Just because design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop have lots of effects dosen’t mean we have to use them! OK, rant over 🙂 Often logos will also need to include the name of the business or product, so choosing the correct typography (font) will make a huge difference. The last thing you want is a font that nobody can read because you opted for a wishy-washy hand written typeface. Clean, crisp, bold fonts will always stand the test of time.

Where do I use a logo?

Everywhere! Your business logo can be on everything if you wish – from clothing, business cards and stationery, leaflets, posters, newspaper adverts and any other printed material. Obviously, you’ll be adding it to all your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram too.

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